AHBIB export figures promising

Cereals, pulses, oil seeds and derivations sector started  with increase   in new year. The exports of the  cereal pulse oil seed and derivations sector showed an  increase of 5  per cent compared to 2016 and reached 548,7 million dollars. The share of the exports of the sector represents 4 per cent of the total exports  in January 2018.  Turkey  exported  to Iraq a total of 142.5 million dollars in December 2017  with 26 percent . Syria and United States followed  with  respectively  %6 and %4 rates. 

Mediterranean Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Derivations Exporters' Association showed an increase of 7 percent and  completed the export of 101,5 million dollars in January 2018.The share of the exports of our association represents 18,5 per cent of the total exports of the sector.