Textile and Raw Materials


Çukurova Cotton Exporters Association was founded in 1939 and was the first Exporters Association in Turkey. Mediterranean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ATHIB) has been established 1986 as a successor.  

ATHIB has over 600 active members throughout the Mediterranean region and has a share of 10% of the total textile export of Turkey. ATHIB has members from various cities of Turkey however mostly concentrated in Adana, Mersin, Kayseri, Hatay and Kahramanmaraş.

Wowen fabrics, knitted fabrics and cotton yarn are the 3 main export commodity/products of ATHIB. In 2016, ATHIB's contribution to Turkish export was nearly 1 Billion US Dollars. Major export markets are as follows: Italy, Bulgaria, United States and Spain.

ATHIB represents its members pursuant to the interests of the textile sector and aims to encourage the sustainable development of both regional and national textile export.

ATHIB's main activities could be categorized as follows:



  • ATHIB organizes Wowen Fabric Design Competition since 2012 in order to promoting design an innovation in textile sector and promoting young designers.
  • Wowen Fabric Design Competition is the first and only design competition that is arranged within the specific scope-wowen fabrics.
  • Since 2012, more than 400 young designers were introduced with the textile sector. 
  • 4 young designers have already graduated from the NABA Milano Academy, Italy and ready for the working within the textile sector.
  • For more information: www.dokumayarismasi.org



  • ATHIB periodically holds seminars, trainings and meetings with its members.
  • Monthly and yearly prepares trade reports and provides data for the members.
  • Regularly supporting textile department students in order to establishing good ties with universities and textile sector.



  • ATHIB gives consultancy for the members about the specific topics: projects, Design Centers and fairs that both organizing in Turkey and abroad.
  • Besides, ATHIB has an active policy maker role especially in Turkey's export and import policies.