Mediterranean Apparel Exporters Association was founded in 1986 in order to protect the interests of the members showing activity in our region. AHKIB currently providing services to 1196 active members.

Apparel sector provides the greatest contribution to employment with its labor intensive structure. Besides this, apparel sector is one of the most suitable sector in order to developing branding ideas with design contribution.

Turkish apparel industry become prominent in terms of quality, efficiency, original design, marketing and logistic priorities. In addition, the sector has a flagship role of by its high export performance and potential.

With the support of the Ministry of Economy, "Design and Product Development Projects",AHKIB  have started exemplary projects in our region to increase the capacity of our exporters in terms of fashion, industrial design and innovation and to produce high value added value for export.

In 2023, AHKIB has contributed 353 Million Dollars to Turkey's  apparel export and it has 2,2% share in sector's exports. AHKIB members of mostly exported women's outerwear, men's outerwear and other made-up articles (tents, sacks, etc.) to Holland, Spain and Germany in 2023.