Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products

Mediterranean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association

Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products' Exporter Association was established in 1986 and divided in 5 sub-sectors, which are Paper and Cardboard Industry, Furniture Industry, Timber – Box - Pallet Products, Wood-based Articles Industry and Forestry by-products.The exportation of these sub sectors, in terms of adding value as the best foreign currency inflow into our country, owns an important place in the overall exports of Turkey.

Our Management Board is composed of representatives of the sub-sectors. Apart from it, as the Exporters Association owns the largest hinterland in Turkey, representatives of all the provinces realizing exports take place in our Management Board. As members of our Union, are represented both on sectorial and regional ground, all the problems encountered can be solved in a rapid and effective way.

Despite all the political problems and difficulties met by the countries surrounding Turkey, Turkey's overall export in the sector is increased by 6.8 per cent in 2017 compared with the previous year and AKAMİB exported 543 million dollars with an increase of 8%.

While AKAMİB represents 14% share in Turkey's overall sectoral export, Furniture sector export is the most important sub-sector with 58% share in AKAMİB's export. The most important export markets of AKAMİB are Iraq, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy.

Since 2000, our Association has increased its exports regularly and continues to work to increase export capacity and to open up new markets. The Mediterranean Region is a major trade hub in respect of its natural resources, commerce network, ports, land and airway connections and high export potential. 

For this purpose our association is carrying out a clustering project called “To increase the international competitiveness of Timber and Pallet sector and to support the sector's export” and partly funded by the Turkish Ministry of Economy. The ultimate goal of the project is to turn our region into a brand in the timber-pallet sector and increase the sector's export and also we work on other projects for our different sub-sectors.

On the other hand, our association carried out R&D Project Market Events for 4 years, with the aim of bringing new technologies and methods to the production processes in the sector and developing new techniques with value-added innovative productions.